How to write an article

Every business wants to create a killer article that their audience would love to read. So, what are the factors you need to consider while writing an article?

Well! writing an article is like producing a product. It goes through several stages of manufacturing before the final audience reads the article.

Here are the various constituents of an article that you need to perfect while writing your piece. They are:







Brand Consistency


Heading: Use tools like Coschedule to create powerful headlines. A headline is that packaging of your article-product basis which people decide whether to spend time-currency on it or not.

Introduction: write an attractive introduction. You can use a hook, personalisation, fact, story any of these methods to start your article.

Body is the main part. Try to write an article that is balanced and well written.

Conclusion: you can write the summary of the article or ask question. Add CTA always.

Post writing: Who doesn’t want free traffic? Allow your readers to share your thoughts with their Twitter audience in a single click. Show related article.

Editing: Check Grammar mistakes (use Grammarly tool), reading score (Hemmingway app).

Brand Consistency: Make sure the visuals of your site are consistent throughout. Choose a 3/4 colour pallet, writing style, and fonts.




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